Conference : European music markets

Poland, Norway, Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Austria : which jazz european market for tomorrow

Le jeudi 05 mai 2022
De 18h30 à 20h00

Footprints is a collaborative project encouraging better cooperation between artistic scenes for sustainable artistic circulation. In order to support young european agents and artists in the development of their project, 6 partners from France (Periscope), Poland (Wytwórnia Foundation), Slovenia (Druga Godba), Norway (Oslo Jazz Festival), Austria (Austrian Music Export) and the Netherlands (Bimhuis) will share their expertise on their artistic scene and territory. Together, they will highlight the differences but also the similarities between their experience, projects and their networks in order to reveal a broader and clearer map of european markets, from local to national.

Speakers :
  • Périscope (Lyon)
  • Wytwornia Foundation (Lodz)
  • Druga Godba (Ljubjana)
  • Austrian Music Export (Vienna)
  • Oslo Jazz Festival (Oslo)

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