Public Conference | Footprints : Sustainable Music Across Europe

Le mercredi 16 juin 2021
De 17h30 à 19h00
Proposé / animé par :
Wecount, The Green Room, Périscope
Durée : 1h30

Calculating carbon impact and building a sustainable strategy for live music in Europe

Speakers : Wecount Agency, Périscope , The Green Room.

For this first week of workshops and meetings with the 2021 promotion of european agents, Footprints is inviting a panel of experts to focus on the ecological impact of artistic circulation. For this special conference open to the public, the Périscope is inviting Wecount agency and The Green Room to describe the first steps of carbon accounting in parallel with the first leads for the Périscope and Footprints towards carbon accounting. This presentation will also study the link between producers and venues to control the environmental impact of tours and concerts and give a broader approach on responsible practices for live music.

Conférence dans le cadre de la semaine Ateliers Footprints du 15 au 21 Juin. Semaine dédiée aux lauréat·es européen·nes du projet Footprints.
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